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Picking the Best Business Coach

June 15, 2021

Bob Lobos

How to Pick the Best Business Coach

Business owners who are serious about growing their company work with the best business coaches because they know that even great companies can operate more efficiently. But how do you know which business coach is the best for you? You’ll want to consider some important factors like personality fit, flexibility, what framework they use, and their experience to pick the best business coach.

Wolf Creek Business Growth Institute has over 16 years of experience helping businesses in various industries set, achieve, and surpass their goals. If you’re looking for the best business coach for you, contact Wolf Creek BGI and get started.

Make Sure Your Business Coach Is a Good Fit to Pick the Best Business Coach

One of the biggest parts of a championship-winning team is chemistry among its players, coaches, and executives. The same applies to a business and the business coach they partner with. To pick the best business coach for you, talk with them before hiring them. Do you like them? Do you feel good after your conversations? Do you trust them?

Communication and trust are key in successful business coaching. So when you’re picking the best business coach, make sure communication and trust are present. The best business coach for your business will be able to help even the most closed-off executive talk about the business and hold them accountable for their commitments and timetables. The business coach is responsible for facilitating the achievement of the business owners’ vision for the company.

There are many tests to help determine personality type and fit, but we like to use the DISC assessment at Wolf Creek BGI. This behavior profile test scores people into four main types.

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

We’ll combine your personality assessment with the “Observe, Align, Respond,” or OAR system, to ensure we have the best communication with you.

Meaning, first we observe to find out your personality type and your dreams for the company. Are you a dominant personality? Are you more reserved? Do you want to become an industry leader? Do you want to expand into new territories? Second, we align with your goals and personality. Our business coaches will figure out the best way to communicate with you and your team in order to bring those dreams to reality. Finally, we respond with tips and strategies to help each business owner realize their vision for the business.

To Pick the Best Business Coach, Find Out Their Experience

Another big component in picking the best business coach is their experience in business and coaching.

One common question we get is, “what experience do we have in this industry?” Sometimes the answer is simply “we don’t.” That’s because an experienced business coach will know how to coach you successfully, regardless of the industry you’re in. The principles of coaching and the Rockefeller Habits (a list of 10 habits used to scale business and encourage growth) apply to every industry.

It’s more important to know if your business coach is experienced in coaching. Rather than direct experience in every industry, you’ll pick the best business coach for you when you find one with experience coaching businesses to achieve success and growth. Having experience in a multitude of industries can’t hurt, however. Our coaches have helped companies in a variety of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Telecommunication
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Hospitality
  • And More

Business coaches at Wolf Creek BGI also bring in industry experts when needed to tackle any industry-specific problem you may be experiencing.

On top of helping businesses be successful for over 16 years, the coaches at Wolf Creek BGI have business experience and have built and grown their own successful companies. They know what it takes to grow a business because they’ve done it before and understand the pressure you may be feeling. We’ll help guide you to success.

Ask About Flexibility to Choose the Best Business Coach

It’s important for a business coach to be flexible but still hold a business owner accountable. Flexibility can come in many forms. Whether it’s being flexible with scheduling conflicts, online or in-person coaching sessions, or setting up a workshop in a way that works best for the business, flexibility in a business coach can mean the difference between shifting into drive and moving forward with your business or staying in neutral.

While it’s good to have flexibility in some aspects of coaching, the best business coach will not be as flexible when it comes to achieving the goals you have established. You’ll know you picked the best business coach when they hold you accountable for reaching the bars you have set and make sure you follow the processes needed for your business to grow.

In other words, changing what would normally be a two-day workshop into four half-day workshops can be beneficial, but allowing you to skip sales team evaluations is damaging as it can harm your growth goals. Make sure you pick a business coach that has a good balance of flexibility and accountability.

Discover What Coaching Framework is Used to Pick the Best Business Coach

Ask what coaching framework they use to pick the best business coach and make sure they cover all aspects of the business. The best business coach for you will leverage their framework and process to boost all aspects of your business so you can achieve your goals and grow the business to where you want it to be.

Wolf Creek’s process is flexible and customizable to work for your business and ensure you get the best business coaching for your company’s needs. We combine the Scaling Up framework with our proprietary steps that cover:

  • People
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Cash

Ask if They Offer Additional Business Coaching Services to Pick the Best Business Coach

Find out if the business coach you plan to work with offers additional services to help your business achieve the growth you envision. To pick the best business coach, ask if they offer sales team training or even recommend any books that cover leadership training or long-term growth. You’ll pick the best business coach for you when you find one that offers additional services that can benefit your whole team and align your team with your goals.

Wolf Creek Business Growth Institute believes in providing customizable business coaching that helps to realize the goals of the owner or executive team. Pick the best business coach and start growing your business into what you dream it can be when you work with our business coaches. Call 225-219-8866 to get started on the path to success.