Our Business Coaching Services

At Wolf Creek, we are proud to offer you a variety of business coaching services that have been proven to bolster business growth and revenue. We’ve worked with over 400 companies and helped them reach their benchmarks while inspiring their teams and fostering goal-oriented mindsets. Let us help your business reach new heights by investing in the people you hired.

Business Coaching Services

The Wolf Creek business coaching team assesses and observes your business processes and offers actionable insights for your business. Our business coaching services come in a range of programs specially designed to promote growth in the areas you need it most.

Our business coaching programs include:

Diagnosing Needs

Assess and diagnose problem areas

  • Executive & Board Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Personality Profiles
  • Sales & Management Competencies
  • Confidential Employee Surveys
  • Confidential Client Surveys
  • Teamwork Assessments
  • Communication Styles

Strategic Planning

Define direction and goals

  • A 1-page Strategic Plan
  • “Mastering Rockefeller Habits”
  • Creates a catalyst for growth
  • Focuses on People, Processes, the Execution, and the Cash

Team Alignment

Re-calibrate your teams

  • Improves Relationships
  • Increases Productivity
  • Interpersonal Skills Alignment
  • Effective Communications
  • Productive Meetings

Sales Workforce Development

Drive your sales team to success

  • Recruiting Superstars
  • Developing Your Sales Team
  • Developing Sales Managers
  • Implementing Sales Habits
  • Driving Growth & Success

Thriving Team Culture

Build out team processes

  • Management Development
  • Team Strategies
  • Culture Habits
  • Build Efficiency and Results
  • Metric Management
  • Customer Service Measurements
  • Staff Retention and Client Loyalty

Personal Accountability

A shift in mindset

  • Stopping the Blame Game
  • Eliminating Victim Thinking
  • Tearing Down Walls of Silos
  • Developing Effective Techniques
  • Increasing Efficiency
  • Time Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Change Management

Online Business Coaching

All of our business coaching services – but from the comfort of your home or office. If circumstances are preventing in-person coaching, we are happy to offer all the Wolf Creek BGI services in a virtual format.

Scaling Up

We offer Scaling Up workshops focused on teaching the Scaling Up framework and how you can implement it with your team. These workshops develop business owners to their fullest potential and provide techniques that have lasting positive impacts on their businesses.

Leadership Development

Every team is made more productive and efficient with the right leader. Sharpen your leadership abilities and the effectiveness of your executives and managers with our leadership development coaching.