Expert Sales Team Training

Wolf Creek Business Growth Institute specializes in helping you build and develop a skillful and effective sales workforce. Our sales team training program follows the proven four-step method that the other program options follow: diagnose, design, deliver, and continued coaching. Our services come with the promise that your sales team will succeed and bolster your business’s growth. Call Wolf Creek BGI today to talk about what our team can do to develop your sales force.

Sales Team Training and Acquisition: The Four-Step Method

Our sales workforce development program focuses on building your sales team from the ground up using the four steps of the Scaling Up framework.


We first diagnose, meaning we look at all the qualities you’re looking for in an effective sales team. This way, you’ll know which qualities and characteristics you want to look for when hiring applicants. If you have a sales team, we help you assess your existing team’s strengths and weaknesses.


Then we design a process that will help you either train your existing sales team or acquire a successful one. We’ll identify where your sales team needs improvement and what programs to start them on. When you’re hiring, we’ll help you screen every applicant for the core competencies needed to succeed in and bolster your sales team.


Next, we ensure each salesperson has the knowledge and confidence to increase their numbers and yours with structured training. We also train you on how to spot and hire sales superstars.


Ongoing coaching sessions with our team reveal insights on the effectiveness of the techniques and strategies learned in the sales team training, so your numbers keep improving.

What You Gain from Sales Team Training

A strategic and structured sales team training program has endless benefits, especially when that program is customized to help each individual salesperson on your team.

Here are a few ways that sales team training boosts your business:

  • Close more deals
  • Improve employee retention
  • Develop accurate growth measures
  • Stand out from your competition
  • And More!

Invest in your business by investing in your sales team. Sales team training unlocks access to revenue and, in turn, business growth.

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