A sales team committing to teamwork to build a successful sales team.

How to Build an Effective Sales Team

November 29, 2022

Bob Lobos

4 Tips to Start Building a Successful Sales Team

Building a successful sales team takes a lot of time and effort, but it is worth it as it can help improve all aspects of your business. A high-performing sales team in your organization can help you increase your bottom line, maintain growth, achieve your ambitious business goals, and more.

Wolf Creek Business Growth Institute gives four tips to help you build a successful sales team to bolster business growth and profitability while strengthening your team and company culture. We also offer comprehensive sales team training that develops your salesforce and unlocks its full potential.

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Building a Successful Sales Team #1: Start With Recruiting and Hiring

The recruiting and hiring process is crucial when building a successful sales team. As a business owner, you will be making significant investments in salespeople and may not know if they will work out until a couple of weeks or months down the line. Predictive sales assessments can take the guesswork out of the hiring process.

Implementing these assessments in your recruiting and hiring processes will save hours of interviewing and provide you with eligible candidates. You can tailor questions on a sales candidate screening assessment to ensure an applicant’s skillset matches your needs and requirements.

Building a Successful Sales Team #2: Give Employees a Sense of Belonging

Helping individuals feel like they are a part of the team and company from the start is a great way to build a successful sales team. There are several ways to acclimate individuals to the company culture, mission, and vision, such as:

  • Providing business cards for them before they start.
  • Creating a robust and easy-to-follow onboarding process, so new hires understand what is expected of them.
  • Using intuitive sales tools, like a simple and easy-to-learn CRM, to help onboard new hires quicker and provide important client data to help them make sales.
  • Sitting down with new employees to understand what motivates them, what their goals are, and explain the company philosophy and core values.

People generally like working for companies that invest time in helping them achieve their goals and give them a strong sense of belonging. A supportive environment helps build a successful sales team as it could bolster better collaboration and problem-solving.

Building a Successful Sales Team #3: Inspire and Motivate Your Team

As a sales manager or business owner, understanding what motivates individual members of your sales team can help you provide the right incentives to promote success. You will inspire and motivate your team, and, in turn, they will deliver the results you want.

Choosing incentives that appeal to everyone can be difficult. However, if you are trying to build a successful sales team, you need to determine who works well in a team. From there, you can set clear incentives, such as recognition from management, promotions, gift cards, and more. Individuals will feel a part of the team and will collaborate to work toward their common goal.

Another effective way to ensure those individual goals are met is by providing resources to your salespeople and dedicating time to helping them reach their goals. Schedule monthly, quarterly, and yearly meetings to review everyone’s progress. Consider sales coaching programs, like from Wolf Creek BGI, to update their skillset with cutting-edge sales techniques. An employer that cares and helps individuals achieve their goals will go a long way when building a successful sales team.

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Building a Successful Sales Team #4: Provide Focus with Action-Orientated Goals

Now that you’ve found ways to motivate your sales team, it is time to help them focus with action-orientated goals. You can do this by setting KPIs and breaking down their goals into manageable chunks. Creating an action plan, such as reviewing customer lists, nurturing existing customers, and finding ways to expand your customer list, will build a successful sales team and help achieve long-term business goals.

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